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Tent / Duvet / Mosquito net hammock

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Bivouak™ Hiking hammock with mosquito net and tarpaulin
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The tent, the mosquito net hammock, the sleeping bag and the Bivy: your home in your backpack

Hiking, trekking and camping tents: choosing wisely for a successful bivouac

When we go to hiking, trekking or camping, the tent is an essential element to pass a good night's sleep. But how to choose the right tent according to your needs and activities? We will discuss the different types of tents available and the criteria to take into account to find the ideal tent.

There are many types of tents suitable for different activities. Here is a list of the most common tents:

  • The dome tent: it is easy to assemble and offers good stability against the wind. It is generally used for camping and light hiking.
  • The try igloo: it is more spacious than the dome tent and offers better resistance against bad weather. It is well suited to family campsites.
  • The tent tunnel: it is very light and compact, which makes it ideal for trekking lasting several days.
  • The ultra-light tent: it is designed for hikers looking to minimize their loading weight. It is generally used for mountain hiking.
  • The bivouac tent : it is light and easy to assemble, but it offers little space for storage. It is ideal for day hikes.
  • The family tent : it is spacious and suitable for groups or families looking for comfort during their camping trips.

The choice of tent depends on several criteria. Here are the main ones to take into account:

  • The weight: if you plan to walk several hours a day, choose a lightweight tent. Ultralight tents are perfect for mountain trekking.
  • The capacity: choose a tent based on the number of people who will sleep in it. 2-person tents are perfect for couples hiking, while 4 or 5-person tents are more suitable for families or groups.
  • Resistance: If you plan to camp in extreme conditions, choose a tent that offers good resistance against wind and bad weather.
  • The accessories: certain accessories can be useful to improve the comfort of the tent, such as pegs to fix it to the ground or aluminum poles for better stability.
  • Floor: choose a tent with a resistant and waterproof floor to avoid finding your feet in water in the event of rain.

Choosing the right tent is essential for a comfortable night's sleep hiking, trekking or camping. By taking into account criteria such as weight, capacity, resistance, accessories and flooring, you will easily find the tent that best suits your needs (dome, igloo, tunnel, ultra-light, bivouac or family tent). ).

The mosquito net hammock: the essential accessory for traveling light during your next camping or hiking trip

The mosquito net hammock is a must-have accessory for all camping, hiking and trekking enthusiasts. It allows to to pack light, to rest comfortably while being protected from insects, which is particularly important in tropical regions or in areas infested with mosquitoes.

The mosquito net hammock is made from premium materials such as nylon parachute, which is light and durable. It is also equipped with a integrated mosquito net to protect the user from insects. The hammock is designed to be suspended between two trees or any other solid anchor point, making it very polyvalent.

In addition to its practical side, the mosquito net hammock is also very comfortable. It allows to rest safely and enjoy nature while being protected from mosquitoes. Additionally, the mosquito net hammock is available in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing everyone to find the model that best suits their needs.

For camping and bivouac enthusiasts, the mosquito net hammock is an ideal choice. He is easy to install and does not take up much space in the backpack. Furthermore, it can be used as a tent when needed, making it a very versatile choice.

Mosquito net hammocks are also very popular with hikers and trekkeurs. They are ultra-light and can be easily transported in a backpack. In addition, they are very resistant and can support the weight of an adult without problem.

Finally, it is important to choose a mosquito net hammock of quality to ensure it will last a long time. Models manufactured in nylon parachute are the strongest and most durable. It is also important to choose a model with integrated mosquito net quality for maximum protection against insects.

In conclusion, the mosquito net hammock is a essential accessory for all camping, hiking and trekking enthusiasts who want to travel lightly and pedantically spring and summer. It offers a solution practical and comfortable to rest while being protected from insects. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors to meet everyone's needs. For an optimal choice, it is recommended to choose a quality model, manufactured in nylon parachute and equipped with a integrated mosquito net quality.

The sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is an essential equipment for the activities of camping, of hiking and of trekking outside. It allows to insulate yourself from the cold and protect yourself from bad weather, while offering optimal comfort to spend a restful night. For the conditions of extreme cold, choosing a suitable sleeping bag is essential to avoid risks of hypothermia and guarantee a good night's sleep.

The extreme cold down is the most effective filling for sleeping bags intended for use in very cold weather. THE goose feathers are often preferred for their high insulating power, lightness and compressibility. THE goose down is a excellent thermal insulator and can maintain body heat in very cold conditions. However, it is important to check the quality of the down filling to ensure the thermal performance of the sleeping bag.

The choice of sleeping bag for extreme cold depends on several criteria, including comfort temperature, limit temperature and extreme temperature. There comfort temperature corresponds to the minimum temperature at which the sleeping bag allows comfortable sleep. There temperature limit corresponds to the minimum temperature at which the sleeping bag allows survival in a distress situation. There extreme temperature corresponds to the minimum temperature at which the sleeping bag can be used without risk of injury or frostbite.

The Fzippers are also an important element to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag for extreme cold. The zippers allow you to regulate the temperature inside the sleeping bag depending on the weather conditions. It is best to opt for quality zippers that are cold-resistant and easy to handle.

Cold weather sleeping bags come in a range of different sizes and weights to suit the individual needs of each camper. Sleeping bags ultra-light And compacts are ideal for hikes and the treks where weight and space are limited. Larger, warmer sleeping bags are better suited for camping in very cold conditions.

In summary, the choice of sleeping bag for extreme cold is crucial to guarantee comfortable sleep and safe during camping, hiking and trekking activities. It is important to take into account the temperature comfort, the limit temperature and the extreme temperature, as well as the quality of the down filling, zippers and bag size and weight Sleeping. With these criteria in mind, it is possible to find the ideal sleeping bag to enjoy any outdoor adventure, even in very cold weather.

The Bivy reusable survival blanket: a first choice accessory for your outdoor survival kit

Whether you are in hiking, in camping, in bivouac or simply on an outdoor excursion, the Bivy survival blanket is an essential accessory for your survival kit. It can save your life in an emergency or simply help you stay warm in difficult weather conditions. The Bivy Reusable Survival Blanket is one of the best options available on the market.

The Bivy Reusable Survival Blanket is designed to provide maximum protection against the elements and extreme temperatures. She is light and compact, making it an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their load when going on excursions. The Bivy is made from materials ultra-resistant which can resist tears and punctures, ensuring its sustainability.

One of the most important features of the Bivy is its ability to provide body thermal protection. It is designed for reflect up to 90% of body heat, making it an ideal choice for emergency situations where you need to protect from the cold. It can also be used as shelter against the elements when necessary, thanks to its design raincoat.

The Bivy is also designed to be used as a emergency sleeping bag. It can be used as an alternative to traditional sleeping bags during summer and spring. It and is ideal for those looking to save space in their backpack. You can also make one sleeping bag. Finally can be used as a cover for the ground when needed, providing additional protection from the elements.

The Bivy is easy to store and transport thanks to its design compact and light. She is also reusable, making it an ecological and economical choice compared to disposable survival blankets.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high quality survival accessory for your outdoor adventures, the reusable survival blanket Bivy is an ideal choice. It provides maximum protection from the elements, body thermal protection and can be used as an emergency sleeping bag. It is compact, lightweight and reusable, making it a practical and economical choice for any outdoor survival kit.