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Tactical backpack / Camelbak / Water filter

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Naturehike™ sac de douche camping portable
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Bivouak™ Camelbak 3L Tactical Hydration Bag
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The tactical backpack, the camelbak and the water filter: your travel companions

The tactical backpack: a wise choice for hiking in the great outdoors

The backpack tactical is a popular choice for those who need a quality bag for their military or outdoor activities. Tactical backpacks are designed to be durables, functional and capable of carrying all the equipment necessary for a mission.

The ability of these bags generally varies from 20 to 80 liters, depending on the user's needs. The tactical backpack is usually black or camouflage colored to blend in with the surroundings.

The tactical backpack is often equipped with MOLLE pockets and webbing (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), which allow the user to attach additional accessories and equipment. These MOLLE pouches can be customized according to the user's needs and allow the necessary tools and equipment to be efficiently stored and organized.

The details of the tactical backpack are also important. THE zippers are often reinforced to avoid tears or breaks, suspenders are padded for optimal comfort when carrying heavy loads and the straps are resistant to wear. Tactical backpacks are also water resistant to protect the contents of the bag in case of rain.

Ultimately, the tactical backpack is a practical and functional choice for military personnel, hikers, hunters, and people who need a reliable bag for their outdoor adventures. With its generous storage capacity, MOLLE pockets, durability and quality details, the Tactical Backpack is an ideal backpack choice for people who need to transport their equipment safely.

Camelbak hydration bag: the ideal solution to stay hydrated during your outdoor activities

The hydration bag Camelback is an ideal solution for those who want to stay hydrated during their outings hiking, trekking, running and cycling. Available in various colors, including black for a sleek style, the hydration pack is a popular choice for adventurers, hikers, joggers, cyclists, and mountain bikers.

The Camelbak hydration pack is designed to provide easy and convenient hydration during your outdoor outings. With a storage capacity of several liters, you can carry enough water with you to stay hydrated throughout the day. The bag is also equipped with a reservoir or few water which can hold up to 3 liters of water, allowing you to drink at any time during your journey.

The Camelbak hydration bag is also light and easy to carry, allowing you to focus on your activity without feeling weighed down. Camelbak hydration bags are equipped with practical pockets and accessories, allowing you to store your belongings and keep your hands free.

The Camelbak hydration pack is also available in a military version for those who need a more durable and durable pack. Camelbak hydration bags are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring your bag stays intact and your water stays fresh and clean throughout your journey.

If you're looking to stay hydrated during your outdoor activities, the Camelbak hydration pack is the perfect choice. With a variety of colors available, you can choose a bag that matches your style and preferences. Whether you are a soldier, a hiker, a cyclist or a mountain bike enthusiast, the Camelbak hydration bag is the ideal solution to stay hydrated without weighing you down.

The filter has water: the importance of a water filter when hiking outdoors

When you go hiking or camping, access to a source of drinking water may be limited or even non-existent. This is where a water filter becomes essential. There are several types of water filters, ranging from gravity filtration systems to portable filters for bottles and flasks.

Water filters are designed to remove bacteria and other water contaminants, making the water unsafe to drink. It is important to note that not all filters are equal in terms of filtration quality and capacity. It is recommended to choose a filter capable of processing at least two liters of water per minute and check the filters regularly to ensure they are working properly.

A filter bottle is also a great choice for hiking or camping, as it can be refilled along the way and eliminates the need to carry several gallons of water.

Ultimately, investing in a good water filter or purifier is essential to ensuring a clean and safe source of drinking water during your outdoor adventures.